Book Review: No One Cares About Crazy People

For anyone who cares to learn (or perhaps more so for those who don’t) about mental health treatment in America.

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As a Kid, I don’t really remember having nightmares. Maybe occasionally thinking about things that scared me, but while dreaming, not really. We all have moments lying awake trying to calm minds though. That’s just the brain being a little too active, not really nightmares though. Right?

Express Yourself!

Does Everyone’s Brains work like this? A thought I often wonder.

This is post about expressing ideas and how, for me, at least, those ideas manifest in the old brain part and work their way out via the mouth hole or handibles. Buckle up.

Past-Me Is Always One Step Ahead

Suffice it to say that in the same way these things become bad habits, we must, if we want to, move in the opposite direction and replace them with good habits. Whatever it is, we can’t simply rely on the plan that we will remember in the moment and be able to alter our ingrained behavior. That rarely, if ever, works. Good habits are the key so that the positive decisions don’t have to be consciously performed. The bad ones aren’t. This takes work and is often more difficult as we are not starting at zero on the scale. If you’re like me, we have managed to put ourselves somewhere in the negative numbers. First, we must do an about-turn and work our way back to net-zero. Then from there, in an uphill struggle, we may begin to build a positive change in our own lives.

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