What is This Anyway???

We’re not trying to do things the best. We’re just trying to do them honestly.

TALENT SHOW: because it’s something we like doing and we felt like putting it out there for people to experience. Maybe we’re good at it or maybe we’re the kid that everyone laughs at, but that doesn’t take away the passion.

BACKYARD (back garden for you guys across the pond): because it’s all happening with friends and family. Where no one cares if you forget the words or sing off pitch. Where you don’t have to be funny or serious all the time. Where you’re smart one second and dumb the next. Where you can lick your fingers and slurp the soup bowl. Where you swim with your clothes on and stay up late around the fire despite having work in the morning.

Our posts consist primarily of…

Stories: Some of them are real and some are made-up. We’ll let you decide.  We’re not reaching for any awards. It’s not about prestige. We share the stories with you because some make us laugh and some make us cry. Some challenge us and others comfort. We share them to remind ourselves that everyone has a story.

Thought Pieces:  A collection of the insightful and not so insightful things we spend time thinking about. They’re just thoughts. Maybe they seem right, maybe they seem wrong.  A few might be smart but most will probably be dumb.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Other things: Because it’s easy for us to make a very vague category and use it as a cover-all. Yes, having this category kind of opens the blog to have any content.  We’ll keep it somewhat organized for you though. 

We’re all about expression and dialogue. Not living isolated, but living in community. Most of all, we’re about authenticity.  There’s no need to wear a mask or pretend to be who you aren’t. So stop on by from time to time and come as you are.

Welcome, to the Backyard Talent Show.


***Safety Disclaimmer: Because of the nature of the blog and having different contributors, a wide variety of views on some topics many occur. Each post is the individual view and work of the respective contributor and does not necessarily reflect the ideas and views of other blog members or the blog itself***