Photography #3: Lighting up the Neighborhood

It’s the time of year where you can drive around the different neighborhoods and view the lights and  decorations that people have put up in their yard. While I Don’t have nearly the amount of Xmas cheer to go through that process, I can enjoy the lights and decorations for what they are. This year, the ever-looming presence over Toledo that is the Premedica Healthcare System, by far knocked the competition out of the park. It’s perpetual daylight within 3 blocks of the hospital where their grand Holiday display shines for all to see. Some people seem to think it’s a construction site, but i don’ think so.


Toledo Hospital. December 19, 2017. Brian Purdue
Toledo Hopital. December 5, 2017
Toledo Hospital. December 5, 2017
Toledo Hospital. December 5, 2017

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