Scenes from the Park #1: Hot dogs and Little Feet

The man had an anticipatory look.  While he was glad to be out of the house and among people, he could not help but think  that the day seemed rather uneventful and therefore uninteresting.  At home, he could have watched a movie or slept.  Both would have supplied him with an equal amount of enjoyment and daily progress. A leisurely stroll through the park would hardly be considered sufficient exercise for him, especially when one takes into account the surprisingly large hotdog that he had just purchased from the vender over by the fountain.

Not being particularly fond of being in a wholly vertical state, the man located a nearby bench and sat, hurriedly, as the excitement of his stomach continued to grow. It was a nice bench.  It was in the shade and supplied the man with ample viewing of people who walked by.  He enjoyed looking at them and thinking about their lives, especially since most were conceivably more interesting than his own. A few businessmen walked by and our man wondered what it would be like to walk in their shoes, if only for a little while.  He came to the conclusion that that reality would probably be most uncomfortable to him. At the very least, he would need to trim his toenails. The bench he had found however, a normal bench, was unfortunately not suitable to protect idle lunch foods.   He had only set his lunch on it for a moment. That was enough.  It seems that apart from acquiring worms while everyone else is asleep, birds make the most of any opportunity (On this thought however, and let us be glad they have not discovered the efficiency that would come from living near the car wash).   Off the arm of the bench that our haggard fellow had just acquired, a pigeon grasped with its little pigeon feet the hotdog and carried it into the air.  Although the feet of pigeons are already considerably smaller than most humans are used to dealing with on a daily basis, the feet of this particular bird happened to be very small even by pigeon measurements.  Had the pigeon had the luxury of acquiring a proper education while growing up, it would have with no doubt been the subject of many cruel jokes by the other students such as being called “sparrowfeet” or “little feet”.  Pigeons, despite popular belief, have quite the small wit and are not capable of developing outstanding insults or retorts. “Little feet” is about the furthest one would go.

Perhaps as a result of small feet, the weight of the man’s lunch, a particular disdain for relish or a simple moxious desire to inconvenience the man (my personal hope), the bird let the hotdog drop to the dirt just across the path from the bench. In a slight confusion, the man sat there with a curious expression on his face as if he were watching someone carrying a wedding cake trip and fall. He just sat there utterly and hilariously powerless. As the disbelief continued to pour over the man, a dog (not an overly large dog but certainly not one that would be easily stepped on) released itself from the secure guidance of the hand that was holding its leash and rushed over to the fallen, cylindrical meat-composite. The hand that was holding that leash was attached to an arm which was attached to a young girl (not an overly young girl but certainly someone whom life could still easily step on). She had the appearance of a girl who liked to frequent the café, even though she does not have any particular interest in what they might be selling, namely the coffee. Rather, she was attracted by the culture of the people who are interested in what the café would be selling, namely the coffee (and the idea of intellectualism).

She chased down her hungry walking companion and came upon him only to realize that he had stubbornly and excitingly eaten the hot dog.  He had been a little too excited for when she observed him closer she noticed that he appeared to be suffering from what well-trained veterinarians call choking dog syndrome.  As the girl started to what can be best described as flailing around and the original man on the bench was slowly crawling back to the reality of the moment, the choking dog sauntered into the pathway. The young, photogenic (of course he would be) jogger came close to actually stepping on the dog, but only managed to kick him a bit as he ran into him and fell onto the path. It can be assumed that embarrassment flooded into the runner’s face but it was a little hard to tell for the fact that his face was already covered in dirt and shame.  He crawled to the dog, the one with fur that is. At this point, it is understandable that one would expect a great accosting between the two about who was at fault and the involvement of authorities.  Of course, anyone of sense would think the dog was at fault for improperly merging into oncoming traffic, but not having proper flashers to actually signal, the dog is at a loss.  Unfortunately, the man only asked the dog if he was all right.  The dog simply responded by burping and quickly eating the piece of regurgitated hotdog that had been knocked out from the force of the jogger running into him. The dog was attended to briefly but found ample ways to distract himself by sniffing various spots of grass.  The young man and the girl chatted briefly, mostly making sure that the man was not injured.  The two new acquaintances quickly exhausted their conversation and went their separate ways.  The man on the bench, who had once again acquired a look of confusion throughout the situation, rose from his bench and left the park, presumably to go to the grocery store.

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