Book Review: No One Cares About Crazy People

For anyone who cares to learn (or perhaps more so for those who don’t) about mental health treatment in America.

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As a Kid, I don’t really remember having nightmares. Maybe occasionally thinking about things that scared me, but while dreaming, not really. We all have moments lying awake trying to calm minds though. That’s just the brain being a little too active, not really nightmares though. Right?

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Express Yourself!

Does Everyone’s Brains work like this? A thought I often wonder.

This is post about expressing ideas and how, for me, at least, those ideas manifest in the old brain part and work their way out via the mouth hole or handibles. Buckle up.

Writer’s Block…

His hypothetical writing wasn’t the representation of some great imaginative world currently all around him with a pulsing vitality, keeping him entertained while others continued on in their own dull lives. It was, rather, an attempt to add a small part of that world into the mundane experiences that he found himself in all those fruitless nights.

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